Outer Edge .224 57 gr BBT 50 Pack

224-8-57 BBT

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Our BBT range are copper bullets with a ball bearing tip sitting over a hollow point, and cannot be matched by a plastic insert. To ensure this projectile will work for you, you'll need at least a 1 in 8 inch minimum twist rate.

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The Outer Edge Projectile (OEP) bullet range is Australian owned and manufactured for Australian game and hunting conditions. They are designed and manufactured with some of the best technology used anywhere in the world today, to deliver dependable performance and stunning accuracy. The Hunting range has been engineered to produce devastating results on medium to heavy game Ñ anywhere, anytime.

Ball Bearing Tips
Our BBT range are copper bullets with a steel ball bearing tip sitting over a massive hollow point. As such, the degree of product consistency and tolerance standards are so uniform they are unmatched, and cannot be equalled by a plastic insert. This means;

  • New accuracy standards are now possible for long range hunting
  • Significant increase in Ballistic Coefficients of 7.5 Ð 15% when compared to our already sensational hollow point hunting bullets Ð thus extending effective terminal performance at longer ranges
  • Being steel tip, they do not melt or change form in flight at any distance, making fall of shot calculations much more reliable


Copper has a lower weight when compared to lead. 
This means that copper bullets with the same displacement as a conventional jacketed lead bullet will be lighter and faster. We donÕt buy our shoes by weight; we buy what fits our feet and what we are going to do with them. So it should be with our bullets. Bullets need to match the twist rate of the barrel and the intended purpose. A bulletÕs displacement and performance is of much greater importance than its weight.

Copper is considerably tougher than lead.
This means that even when fully expanded, copper bullets tend to shed much less weight than a conventional bullet and generally penetrate deeper and straighter as a result.

Velocity trumps BC.
Higher BC performance can easily be matched, if not completely overtaken, by lower BC bullets travelling faster. This is especially true over hunting distances of less than 300Ð500m. Use a Ballistic calculator and run the numbers to see for yourself. A further point to consider is that traditional bullets with high claimed BCÕs tend to have very small meplats (bullet tips) and often require higher velocities to expand reliably, reducing effective terminal performance range even further.

  • A dedicated bullet designed for your cartridge and barrel combination to deliver precision and devastating performance.
  • Consistent expansion qualities that penetrate deeply, maximising the wound channel from any shot angle. 120% calibre expansion is typical of OEP bullets at normal hunting distances.
  • Designed to feed reliably in all types of rifles and magazines
  • Coated with an advanced proprietary dry lube coating that (unlike moly) is easy to remove when cleaning. It is non corrosive, keeps your barrel cooler and cleaner and reduces wear.
  • Nontoxic: a comforting feature for those who consume their harvest
  • Easy to develop loads when the manufacturerÍs recommendations are followed
Model # 224857BBT
Brand Outer Edge Projectiles
Calibre 0.224
Weight 57gr
Minimum Recommended Twist Rate 8
Bullet Type Ball Bearing Tip
Base Type Boat Tail
BC (G1) 0.297000
Packet Size 50pack

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