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Suggested Twist Rate: 1 in 9"

The Outer Edge Projectile (OEP) bullet range is designed and manufactured in Australia with some of the best technology used anywhere in the world today. OEP Target Projectiles Transonically tuned for ultra long range precision Outer Edge precision CNC copper bullets are stunningly accurate over distances that challenge conventional high BC bullets.

Most high BC bullets are subject to enormous destabilisation as they transition from supersonic to subsonic flight. Outer Edge Target bullets have been designed, engineered and tested to be as stable as possible, and continue to deliver tight groups right through the transonic zone out to ranges well beyond. OEP Target projectiles are not suitable for hunting applications.

Comparing Copper & Lead core projectiles

Rule 17 - Twist Rates Rule 17 can also be useful as a general rule of thumb when comparing copper bullets with conventional hunting bullets in the selection of suitable barrel twist rates. For example, most 175 grain conventional bullets, and certainly the 150 grain OEP hunting bullets will stabilise perfectly well in a 1/11” twist barrel. So, in short, take heaviest bullet your rifle will shoot well, reduce that weight by 17%, and you will have a great choice when selecting an OEP copper hunting bullet equivalent

Full Details on accounting for the variation between copper and lead core projectiles

What are the qualities of OEP Target bullets?

OEP bullets are precision CNC turned copper projectiles coated with an advanced proprietary coating (not moly) designed to deliver the following benefits.

• In addition to superb accuracy and transonic stability, the benefit of the higher velocities typically achieved from lighter, magazine fed OEP bullets outweigh any difference in BC when compared to conventional bullets. It doesn’t take much velocity to trump BC in terms of better wind bucking ability and trajectory. Use your ballistic software to compare!

• The big news for our single shot bullet range (indicated by**) is that the BC’s are amongst the highest of any commercial bullets in the same weight class. Indeed they often exceed the BC’s of much heavier bullets of conventional design. This gives the double bonus of both higher velocity and BC! Again, we invite you to calculate and compare the competitive advantage of this combination.

• OEP Target Bullets are specifically designed to match the twist rate in your rifle. Bullet stability is critically dependent on a barrel’s twist rate. OEP have a dedicated bullet designed for your cartridge and barrel combination. The barrel twist rate required for each bullet is identified on the packaging.

• They also have ideal Shot Start Initiation Pressures (SSIP’s) producing consistent ignition — foundational for accuracy.

• Being precision CNC machined, our bullets are extraordinarily consistent batch to batch.

• Coated with an advanced proprietary dry lube coating that (unlike moly) is easy to remove when cleaning. It is non-corrosive with a low coefficient of friction; keeping your barrel cooler and cleaner for longer. Testing to date demonstrates longer shot strings are now possible under competition conditions. Cold bore and group consistency is greatly improved.

• There is an OEP Target design intended to maximise performance for both magazine and single feed target disciplines in most commonly used calibres.

• OEP Target Bullets are easy to develop loads for, when our recommendations are followed.


Loading tips

Bullet seating.

All OEP Target projectiles show a distinct preference for being seated between 0.9 and 1.3 mm (0.035– 0.055") off the lands. The aerodynamic shape of the two-band system is designed to achieve this outcome and prevent closer engagement. This is common with copper projectiles.

Many shooters report groups in the 0.2’s and 0.3’s (m.o.a.) with OEP bullets seated within this range. Seating bullets further off the lands is no significant disadvantage, but closer to the lands may increase pressures and reduce accuracy. The normal place to start will be to seat the bullet to the junction of the case mouth at the base of the hybrid ogive. Both bands should engage the case neck.

The importance of barrel twist.

All OEP bullets are precision matched to a specific barrel twist rate. This recommendation is labelled on the box. Using the correct bullet for the rifle will produce the best results. At ranges of less than 500 metres, the use of a faster twist is fine. Use of a barrel with a slower than recommended twist may not achieve adequate stability at low temperatures on the coast (high air pressure zones). It should be noted that bullets with an Sg of less than 1.5 (Miller gyroscopic stability formula) at launch, will also be discounted in their BC value.

All OEP bullets have an Sg of 1.5 or greater when used in conjunction with the recommended barrel twist. Calculations are based on the universal standard for air pressure; sea level -1013 mb @ 15° C.


  • A dedicated bullet designed for your cartridge and barrel combination to deliver precision and devastating performance.
  • Consistent expansion qualities that penetrate deeply, maximising the wound channel from any shot angle. 120% calibre expansion is typical of OEP bullets at normal hunting distances.
  • Designed to feed reliably in all types of rifles and magazines
  • Coated with an advanced proprietary dry lube coating that (unlike moly) is easy to remove when cleaning. It is non corrosive, keeps your barrel cooler and cleaner and reduces wear.
  • Nontoxic: a comforting feature for those who consume their harvest
  • Easy to develop loads when the manufacturerÍs recommendations are followed
Model # 3089174
Brand Outer Edge Projectiles
Calibre 0.308
Weight 174gr
Bullet Type Hollow Point (target)
Base Type Boat Tail
Packet Size 50pack

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