Redding Competition Seating Die .223 Remington

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This pateneted design has beat the concentricity problems inherent in all other seating dies of this type. Tighter manufacturing tolerances have been made possible due to the details of the patented seating stem system. The bullet guide to seating stem fit is so precise that the seating stem can actually be demonstrated to “float” on a column of air. The seating stem is precision ground to exactly match bullet diameter. No seating die on the market is built to this level of precision. Alignment and accuracy are enhanced by the cartridge case and bullet being completely supported and aligned in a close fitting, precision ground sleeve before the bullet seating begins. The micrometer is calibrated in .001" increments for precise seating depth and is infinitely adjustable (without clicks). The micrometer also has a setting feature that allows you to set the micrometer to your rifle or favorite seating depth. 


Brand Redding

Repeatable Precision

By: on 22 December 2021
Accurate, repeatable and easy to use. Control your seating depth to 1/1000th of an inch. This makes it easy to hit a node that produces the small group you seek.

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