SAP AMC Adaptive Mag Carrier System

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The SAP AMC is the result of the growing demand for a precision rifle mag holster that is flexible enough to fit most precision mags on the market. This holster has an adjustable tension system that will allow you to adapt the retention to most any magazine that you throw at it. It also has enhanced features like a flared opening for easy mag insertion, a bottom that is mostly closed to keep dust and dirt from entering, as well as a bumper system that is included for enhanced use with .22 mags and shorter mags like 5 round or AW double stack mags. 


All AMC Versions come with:

  • Adjustable Tensioner for Wide Range of Mag Compatibility
  • Coyote, Black, and OD colors
  • Protects the rounds while in the holster with closed bottom
  • Comes with .22 Mag / Short Mag Bumper Kit
  • Easily Adjustable with 1/8" Allen (Not Included)
  • Made in USA


We have tested the following mags to work with this holster:

  • AICS 10 Round Single Stack (3902)
  • AW 10 Round Double Stack (7602)
  • AX 10 Round Single Stack  (6955)
  • AX 10 Round Double Stack (6677)
  • AICS 5 Round (3901)
  • AICS 10 Round .223 Mag
  • Accurate-Mag .308 (Long and Regular)
  • Accurate-Mag .223 
  • Accurate-Mag .300WSM/6.5PRC
  • ARC 10 Round
  • Bergara B-14R
  • Bergara B-14 Centerfire
  • Magpul .308 AICS Style Mags
  • MDT Metal 10 Round (Regular and No Binder)
  • MDT Metal 12 Round (Regular and No Binder)
  • MDT Metal BR/Dasher 12 Round
  • MDT Poly .308 10 Round Gen II
  • MDT Poly .223 10 Round * 
  • MDT Poly/Metal 10 Round *
  • Tikka CTR
  • Vudoo Poly Mags
  • Vudoo Aluminum Mags
  • Zermatt RimX

* MDT Poly .223 and Poly/Metal Mag fitment is depth limited to the protruding exterior ribs on the body of the mag. If more depth is desired, ribs would need to be shaved down.


Brand Short Action Precision

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