The Ugly Brass Annealer Kit

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The Ugly Annealer is a simple and reliable gas annealer built with solid materials.

This listing is the latest version of the annealer which has the updated 1500 hour motor/gearbox.

The Ugly Annealer (patent pending) is a simple and reliable gas annealer built with solid materials.

This version is designed in Australia and assembled in Australia using a mix of Australian/China/Taiwan sourced parts. It is covered by a lifetime warranty and receives full Australian support.

Machine case made of #201 stainless steel. The clear front panel is impact-resistant polycarbonate (it’s almost bulletproof).

The standard package includes 5 CNC milled caliber conversion inserts covering the following cartridges and others with similar case dimensions:

  • 223 REM
  • 7.62x39R
  • 308 WIN
  • 300 WIN MAG
  • 338 Lapua Magnum
  • 50BMG (used without an insert)

The rotating wheels should last a lifetime because the aluminum is heat resistant, the package comes with both 15mm & 25mm wheels. The wheels are nickel coated with natural diamond grit for a permanent non-slip coating.

The machine comes with a CNC-made adjustable clamp compatible with gas pencil torches with OD 12.70mm-13.0mm. A universal propane bottle holder also included.

A set of high-quality Allen keys and a bolt pouch is also included.

An appropriately powered motor has been used with this machine, it is estimated that you should be able to anneal at least 300,000 brass cases (at 10 brass per minute) or 1500 hours run time (at max speed without stalling) before replacement is needed.

Bernzomatic UL100K propane torch is recommended for use with the Ugly Annealer (not included)

Note: Gas torch and bottle not included

What’s included:
  • Assorting box with spare spring, screw, c-clip
  • A set of quality Allen keys
  • A set of 5 CNC-machined caliber inserts shown in the photo compatible with common calibers
  • Universal gas bottle stand
  • Gas nozzle clamp and 8mm axial (torch/gas bottle not included)
  • Polycarbonate guide panel and 10mm axial.
  • Brass rolling ramp
  • 2 x nickel diamond coated wheels, in 15mm and 20mm thickness
  • CNC-made catching wheel with 50bmg slot
  • Instruction manual
  • Power adapter with Australian power plug
  • The Ugly Annealer main body with the bottom plate
  • A bolt pouch

Warranty: lifetime warranty on material and workmanship, not including wear and tear.






Brand Ugly Reloading Equipment

Ugly Annealer

By: on 24 August 2023
A quality product supplied with top service

The Ugly Brass Annealer

By: on 12 December 2022
Very happy with the Ugly annealer. It does exactly what it is suppose too do for a good price. Very consistence for every case.

The Ugly Brass Annealer - Deluxe

By: on 10 October 2022
Wow what a machine. Simple but very well thought out. Unbelievable amount of adjustment. Don’t bother thinking about buying it, just do it. Very solid and very well made.

Nothing Ugly about it!

By: on 5 October 2022
The Ugly Annealer is amazingly simple to use, really well designed, and worth every cent for consistent reloading. The fact that this product was designed in Australia by guys in the ACT is a bonus. This is a high quality product and a pleasure to use.

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