Sample Packs

In 2014 Rusty was staring at his reloading bench, looking at all the part boxes he had from years of trialing projectiles. The thought went through his head ‘Why doesn’t someone offer smaller packs, so I don’t have so many useless options laying around?’ From that moment on, the idea of Projectile Warehouse, and the Sample Pack was underway.

For many reloaders, part of the joy of reloading is finding the right combination of projectile, powder weight, brass & primers to get the perfect load. Shelling out for several hundred projectiles, can be costly, especially when you find that they don’t work well after 10, 15 or 20 projectiles.

Why 10 packs?
We have offered mixtures of 5, 10 & 20 packs over the years, but have settled on 10 being the ideal number. This allows flexibility to grab 10, 20, 30, depending how you run your load development.

How do I use them?
We have seen many different ways to use sample packs during the load development process. There is no right or wrong answer, if they are working for you. Here is how we use them.

“Generally I’ll grab 20 of each projectile I’m interested in trying and run 5 powder weights, in 4 shot groups for each one. I treat this as an initial look. Usually I’ll find 1 or 2 projectiles that consistently perform better than the others. Once I narrow it down from the 5-6 I started with, I’ll grab 100 packs of either the best one, or perhaps the top two projectiles and do further development.” - Rusty, Founder

We have seen so many variations of how these can be used, please drop us a line on your method!