About Us

After trialing our 'Sample Pack' concept at the 2014 SSAA Shot Show in Perth, we took our first web order on the 31st of December 2014, and have never looked back! 

Initiailly starting only with sample packs, we have constantly expanded our range to include Full and Bulk projectiles, reloading equipment, and general shooting accessories.

Save money with Projectile Warehouse! If you are trying to find that perfect projectile, it can get pretty expensive buying lots of packets just to try a few. Projectile Warehouse sells Australia's largest range of development packs of projectiles in 10 packs. Perfect for load development!

Try more options, and find your perfect projectile, without breaking your budget! We stock all the major brands including Sierra, Nosler, Hornady, Lapua, Speer, Barnes, Outer Edge Projectiles, and more! 

From the day we started, we wanted to only represent on our website, what we actually have in stock. This way you can order with confidence. This means we show a lot of items out of stock. If you see something you need, drop us a message on it, or hit the Notify Me button, and we will get in touch to get it in. If for some reason we don't have it in stock, but it is listed on the website, you can find out HERE what we will do.