Load Right: Load Development Kit - .20- .22

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Load Right: Load Development Kit

The Precision Rifle Products 'Load Right' load development kit is an incredibly useful and versatile tool for building, finding and verifying the correct load for your firearm in the field.
  • Each kit comes with tray, 100 powder tubes, 50 caps for specified caliber cartridges and easy to see charge weight stickers.
  • Light weight and compact.
  • Eliminate the need for scales in the field, no more batteries or waiting for the wind to die down. 
  • Eliminates the problem of having to pull bullets of hot charges ( Remove cap and seat as you go)

To use this kit, load up all your brass with your starting load and put the caps on them. Load the powder tubes with varying increments, for example 30x .1, 30x .2, 20x .5, 20x 1 (or whatever suits your setup). As you go through your load development on the range, you can top up the base loads to whatever you want to test, and load more of a specific powder as you get the results in real time.


Brand Precision Rifle Products

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