In Stock Guarantee

I'm sure you, like us, are sick of websites that show items in stock, when they actually aren't. We regularly get emails and phone calls to see if what we have on the site is actually available. Given the number of websites that don't provide reliable data, this is an understandable question.

We are so confident in our online system, that we offer an 'In Stock Guarantee'. This means that if we show it online as in stock, we have it literally in stock and available to purchase. You can buy with confidence knowing that if you are paying for it, we have it.

What if we don't?

No guarantee is complete though, without a benefit, if it is not met. If you pay for an order, and (for whatever reason) we are unable to supply an item within a 4 business day dispatch window, then we have failed to complete our end of the deal. If this occurs, we will offer you the item(s) that is missing at HALF PRICE once they do become available.

Please note, this applies to orders processed online, and does not relate to items listed as direct from suppliers, special orders, sales events, pre-orders, stated/advertised delays or items that a wait time has been provided for, prior to ordering. It is also not valid for the week after any major gun show.