Forster Classic Case Trimmer

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Accurate performance from your ammunition is absolutely dependent on uniformity of both the bullet and the case. Achieving that uniformity is not possible without an accurate, reliable measuring device.

The Classic Case Trimmer is designed for more than 300 big bore calibers from popular big game rifles to classic black powder calibers. For collectors of vintage firearms, for “cowboy” competitors and reenactors, and for owners of fine English single and double rifles chambered in hard-hitting calibers like .500 Nitro Express, .416 Rigby, 50 Sharps, or .475 Nitro Exp, this is the hand case trimmer that will allow accurate reloading.

  • Trims larger and classic black powder calibers
  • Trims case lengths from 1⅞” through 4⅛”
  • 6½” long Base (use the Standard Base, #CT1010-CTB101, to trim shorter cases) 
  • 0.552″ diameter Cutter Shaft

The Classic Case Trimmer requires a Collet and Pilot for each case, ordered separately. Collets #5 through #8 are compatible with the Classic Case Trimmer. 

It is actually a fine miniature lathe with a superior shell holder design based on a Brown & Sharpe type collet. Our Classic Case Trimmer allows you to go as far as you need to go with your reloading because it allows you to expand your system by adding any of the accurizing accessories.
Forster trimmer accessories: Primer pocket chamfering tool, Primer pocket cleaner, Internal neck reamer and Bullet hollow pointer sold separately.

Find all Specifications for Pilots and Collets required here.


Brand Forster

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