Lee Bench Prime Press Kit

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Lee Bench Plate allows for quick press removal without unbolting from bench. Includes 1 steel base block that fits all current Lee metallic presses. Special elevator bolt hardware included.

Featuring all of the components of the 50th Anniversary Kit, but we’ve replaced the Safety Prime with the Auto Bench Prime and three of the most popular Priming Tool shell holders which work with over 60 different cartridges. This kit is ideal for those who want the flexibility of priming on the benchtop or off by mounting the tool to a piece of wood.


Brand Lee Precision

Lee bench prime press kit

By: on 20 December 2023
This is a great deal especially if you are just starting out with reloading your own ammo and it has everything you need to get started except for the dies, I have been using Lee equipment for over 30 years and can't fault it for the price. Very happy with this purchase

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