Outer Edge 6mm 99 gr Target 500 Pack

243-7-99 T BULK

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These projectiles may ship directly from OEP in NSW.

OEP Target bullets have been designed and tested to be as stable as possible, and deliver tight groups ranges well beyond transonic. To ensure this projectile will work for you, you'll need at least a 1 in 7 inch minimum twist rate.

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The Outer Edge Projectile (OEP) bullet range is designed and manufactured in Australia with some of the best technology used anywhere in the world today. Outer Edge precision CNC copper bullets are stunningly accurate over distances that challenge conventional high BC bullets.

Transonically tuned for ultra long range precision
Most high BC bullets are subject to enormous destabilisation as they transition from supersonic to subsonic flight. Outer Edge Target bullets have been designed, engineered and tested to be as stable as possible, and continue to deliver tight groups right through the transonic zone out to ranges well beyond.

OEP Target projectiles are not suitable for hunting applications.


Copper has a lower weight when compared to lead. 
This means that copper bullets with the same displacement as a conventional jacketed lead bullet will be lighter and faster. We dont buy our shoes by weight; we buy what fits our feet and what we are going to do with them. So it should be with our bullets. Bullets need to match the twist rate of the barrel and the intended purpose. A bullets displacement and performance is of much greater importance than its weight.

Copper is considerably tougher than lead.
This means that even when fully expanded, copper bullets tend to shed much less weight than a conventional bullet and generally penetrate deeper and straighter as a result.

Velocity trumps BC.
Higher BC performance can easily be matched, if not completely overtaken, by lower BC bullets travelling faster. This is especially true over hunting distances of less than 300Ð500m. Use a Ballistic calculator and run the numbers to see for yourself. A further point to consider is that traditional bullets with high claimed BCs tend to have very small meplats (bullet tips) and often require higher velocities to expand reliably, reducing effective terminal performance range even further.

  • A dedicated bullet designed for your cartridge and barrel combination to deliver precision and devastating performance.
  • Consistent expansion qualities that penetrate deeply, maximising the wound channel from any shot angle. 120% calibre expansion is typical of OEP bullets at normal hunting distances.
  • Designed to feed reliably in all types of rifles and magazines
  • Coated with an advanced proprietary dry lube coating that (unlike moly) is easy to remove when cleaning. It is non corrosive, keeps your barrel cooler and cleaner and reduces wear.
  • Nontoxic: a comforting feature for those who consume their harvest
  • Easy to develop loads when the manufacturerÍs recommendations are followed
Model # 243799TB
Brand Outer Edge Projectiles
Calibre .243/6mm
Weight 99gr
Minimum Recommended Twist Rate 7
Bullet Type Hollow Point (target)
Base Type Boat Tail
BC (G1) 0.570000
BC (G7) 0.292000
Packet Size 500pack

First Time User

By: on 10 February 2023
Purchased bullet as minimal stock avail of 105gr or 107gr traditional hornady / sierra bullets. Did load development - Best result was SD 2 and ES 5. I was attracted to them due to the very high G7 .292. Load dev information provided by OEP was very good as well. I was amazed at the numbers I got. Not running hot for a 6mm creedmoor at 3012fps. Bullet works very well and is very accurate. Will continue to use them.

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